The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) has today launched the “SPTO COVID-19 Recovery Strategy”, which has been developed to guide and support the COVID-19 recovery efforts of SPTO and its members.

“In order to encompass SPTO’s diverse membership, this strategy has been informed and supported by various organisations and partners including several UNWTO reports, the recently released “Pacific Tourism: COVID19 Impact and Recovery Report” contracted by NZMFAT and feedback from SPTO Private Sector Members to name a few”, said SPTO Chief Executive, Christopher Cocker.

“As a living document, this strategy will evolve alongside the relevant global developments in order to ensure relevance in this unprecedented situation. We will now focus developing our internal action plans to complement the recovery efforts of our members and in order to do that effectively we are seeking support from donors and partners who are committed to assisting the Pacific Tourism sector”, he said.

The strategy provides an overview of the global situation and expected future trends whilst also addressing the current and expected challenges of the Pacific private sector, the Pacific’s strengths and opportunities, overall risks, immediate needs and recovery options. All of which will no doubt be useful considerations for SPTO and its members embarking on the recovery planning process.

“The objective of this strategy is to provide direction and guidance to all of our members as they begin to consider their respective recovery options in a post COVID-19 era. We are a diverse region, but we are one Pacific Tourism family and we cannot afford to leave anyone behind,” said SPTO interim Chair, Mr. Halatoa Fua.

Mr Fua also acknowledged the hard work undertaken by the SPTO to develop the strategy and the key partnerships which played a critical role in securing the required information, “In these unprecedented times no one can afford to work in isolation and this strategy is no exception. We are committed to strengthening partnerships and cooperation within the organisation and with external partners”.

The SPTO COVID-19 Recovery Strategy is currently only available to SPTO members and key partners.