Guadalcanal province is seeking to establish a vegetable market at the west end of Honiara, purposely to serve the community of West Honiara and restart much needed economic activity for farmers.

Premier of Guadalcanal Province Francis Sade says the proposed market site is next to the Savo market, previously used by betelnut farmers for wholesale purchase.

He says the area is currently owned by the Tanagai parish catholic church, but there have been advanced discussions in turning it into a permanent market area.

"The parish council had, during our meeting last week on Thursday, agreed to allow the site to build this propose market site.

“We need to do abit of work, like providing stalls, water, sanitation and lighting, so we hope to get some feedback from the central government, that since Tanagai is allocated for the propose market site if they can support,’’ Premier Sade said.

He adds that once established the market will only be for food items, and they will work with market vendors to ensure that good hygiene is practiced.

Currently, Guadalcanal province are working closely with the national government to identify potential market sites in east and west end of Honiara. This is to ensure that there is a steady supply of local produce for Honiara residents, and also, but more importantly, farmers can sell their produce.