Public buses are now earning only as much as SBD$400 per day while Taxis are not as well, with less than SBD$100 a day in some cases.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, public transport providers are losing out on business in the city.

A bus driver Henry Alick says this is mainly for buses providing services within the Honiara City. The areas are from Lunga to White River.

Since declaring a state of public emergency, a lot of city dwellers have gone back to their home villages.

In addition, most government workers are on full pay leave with some working from homes. Now the bus stops are not as full as it used to be.

"In the past we usually earned about SBD$1,000 daily. Now on a good day we can get as much SBD$400 dollars only. This is very small”, Alick says.

"Understanding the movement of people and time is very important. It is important that our timing is at par with the flow of passengers."

"Morning and evening is the only time we get money whilst afternoon is not a good time. Imagine the high number of buses in Honiara and less passengers. We have to wait in a queue for almost an hour to get a full bus”, he said.

Bus conductor Daniel also shared similar sentiments.

He said signalling for passengers to get on the bus takes up so much time. Daniel said in order to make money, they have to have a full bus before they leave the bus station.

65 years old Mostyn Davis was a professional builder, until Covid 19. He has joined many other drivers in the taxi service business.

"To run a public service like taxi is not an easy job. You must be alert at all times because it is where your money's at. But now it is very difficult especially during the Covid 19 pandemic.

"I did not join any fleet like most other cabs. So I do not have a clients base like those in a fleet," a concerned Davis explained.

Davis said most times he would have no passengers for almost an hour at the most. He said most people he knows have already returned to their home village.

"Today, I only manage to get SBD$200 dollars. We call it the dry day catch. This is is not good because we return home with only SBD$50. I would use SBD$150 for fuel. In the past week I normally earn SBD$700 dollars per day’’, Davis said.