The Guadalcanal Provincial Premier Francis Sade has thanked Non-Government Organization, NGOs for their assistance in providing COVID-19 awareness to communities in the Province.

Premier Sade says through the support from the NGOs and other development partners, Guadalcanal Province have been well informed of COVID-19.

“In response to COVID-19, NGOs who were coming strong with the support who assist with our Provincial Health department in carryout the awareness campaign to communities. We appreciated such commitment from the development partners and NGOs which I believe the awareness to prepare for COVID-19 is going well and well received by the communities’’.

Premier Sade said a Covid 19 subcommittee was set up by the province. The subcommittee consists of doctors and senior staffs within the province. They have been working closely with the NGOs and development partners to raise awareness on COVID-19 and other preparedness programs related to it.

According to the provincial Health Director, Dr. Joel Denty says his division has been operating under a subsection namely risk communication.

They deal with the awareness programs, clinical, public health, quarantine logistic and finance. He said there is a qualified person looking after the subsection which is making the work easy.

Denty said his division is working alongside Red Cross, Live & Learn and SIDT.
He said they are stationed in certain areas to assist in providing covid 19 awareness preparedness programs to the other communities around Guadalcanal.

Meanwhile Premier Francis Sade assured citizens that Guadalcanal province has plans in place in case a lockdown will come into effect.

Solomon Islands is among at least 15 countries in the world that are still free of the deadly coronavirus.