"Supplies donated by China are safe" says PRC's representative, Counselor Yao Ming.

Mr. Ming made this reassuarance following speculation that China's medical supplies are not safe and have defects.

But in an interview Counselor Ming said the medical supplies donated by the government of China are safe and secure.

He said they are aware of the concerns raised by Solomon Islanders but have reasons to believe the supplies are safe and of good quality

"The virus do not have wings to fly. In my understanding they cannot stay on surfaces for more than nine hours. Heat is also not good for the virus. They need a living host to thrive", Ming said.

He said it is alright people question the quality of the supplies from China because of experience from other countries.

"But you can be rest assured the supplies from China are of good quality and can be used for the future", Counselor Ming said.

He reiterated the supplies are a gift from PRC to Solomon Islands and are donated in kind.

Ming said his government made sure the supplies are of good quality to be used by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

The supplies from China includes hand gloves, masks, equipments, goggle and other items to assist health workers in Solomon Islands.

The supplies are expected to arrive this week via cargo vessel.