Boxing fans and followers have voiced their disagreements to the federation for bias selection and the severity of corruption within the heart of the organization.

"How can we excel while we practice corruption and non-committal attitude towards the once loved sport" says one fan. "The boxing federation has a lot to answer for the downward spiral of the sport we were once revered and feared by many"

One fan says that the current state of the federation reflects on the caliber of boxers we send to compete overseas. "The recent tour by our boxers to Samoa was terrible, only one out of the five boxers managed to reach the semi finals" The concerned fan said. "And I am just thinking of the South Pacific Games, this already is a poor reflection of our boxing contingent"

The boxing federation has come under immense pressure from the public to explain its selection criteria. Few boxers many thought should have been part of the team were omitted without proper explanation from the federation. "We are wishing we could revive our glory days in boxing" one fan stated. "But from what I can see, it will be a long time coming"