Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) calls for urgent reform to the electoral system to reduce the influence of political financing/monetization of National General Election giving both men and women who do not have access to funding a fair go.

TSI says the Office of the Electoral Commission must consult, involve and accommodate people’s participation, in the planned reforms to avoid “a mismatch of the dreams with the realities on the ground specifically where our voters are and their importance in this process.

"Face to face civic awareness on the importance of National General Election is a must in this electoral cycle."

TSI made the statement after the MP for Gizo Kolombangara defended her decision to award a scholarship to her husband under the MP’s scholarship scheme.

“TSI would like to see women get elected into parliament, but more importantly women leaders who have fire in their bellies and heart for the development of all Solomon Islanders and not just themselves, women leaders who know when to draw the line,” a prepared statement issued by TSI reads.

TSI says that leaders such as the MP for Gizo Kolombangara should do the right thing by the people of Solomon Islands.

“Instead of worrying about who your political rivals are, be concerned about your integrity and doing the right thing as a woman leader. You can do this. It is not too late.”