Waka Mere Commitment to Action Program initiative has congratulated women participants who graduated with certificate IV in Leadership and Management during a ceremony at the Heritage Hotel in Honiara on 4 November 2019.

15 of the largest companies in the Solomon Islands signed up for up to three commitments to progress women in their Sector.

The three commitments are promoting women in leadership; building respectful and supportive workplaces and increasing opportunities for women in non-traditional jobs.

The Waka Mere Commitment to Action was launched in 2017 by IFC and SICCI and has been a two-year initiative to improve business outcomes in the Solomon Islands through advancing workplace equality.

The initiative has contributed to a shift in employees’ perception of safety and fairness at work; catalyzed companies to adopt new policies and practices, and invest in their future female leaders, and open up skills training and jobs for women in roles traditionally held by men.


Source: https://womensmediasolomonislands.com/