Sexual violence (SV) incidents in Solomon Islands (SI) have increased over the three year period from 2017 – 2019.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for National Security and Operational Support, Mostyn Mangau explains: “The Justice Information Management System (JIMS) data for this year 2019 has so far recorded 90 cases for SV across the country up to 1 October compared to the total number of SV cases for 2018 of 71 cases, an increase of 19 cases even before the end of 2019.”

DCP Mangau adds: “For 2017 there were 53 cases recorded, a difference of 18 cases compared to the total for 2018. The figure therefore shows an increase of 37 SV cases since 2017.”

“Our Statistics Unit are still updating the figures and the total could increase further.”

“The increase in sexual assault cases during the past three years is not a good thing. We must all work together to say no to sexual violence against the vulnerable members of our communities including women, young girls and female children.”

“Parents and teachers at our educational institutions must educate our young children and to be aware of the risks of sexual violence. And the general public must also work together to stop these perpetrators who prey on the vulnerable members of our communities,” DCP Mangau emphasises.

“Enough is enough, say no to sexual violence,” says DCP Mangau.

Members of the public are urged to report to your nearest police station anyone who they suspect is involved in any sexual violence incident.

Source: RSIPF Media Unit