News of Julian Moti's appointment, which was aired on the ABC radio last night, is not true.

This was revealed to the Solomon Times this morning by a journalist within the Government Communications Unit.

The journalist went on to say that even the headline news in a leading newspaper is wrong. "The Acting Attorney is still in the country and has not yet left for Australia"

On the alleged appointment of Julian Moti, the Secretary to PM Dr. John Roughan told Solomon Times that the cabinet has not discussed Moti's reappointment yet.
"Any appointment has to be approved by the cabinet and that has not been done".

When queried where ABC got its news from, the communications unit Journalist said they were able to track down the source to be from the National Courier of PNG. A National Courier journalist who traveled to Solomon Islands said he had discussions with the PM, which the PM has denied.

The PM is furious over the news item and is arranging with his press secretary, to call for a press conference this afternoon " we want to dispel the rumors and false information"