Solomon Breweries won the top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award in HEINEKEN Asia Pacific beating other HEINEKEN operations in the Asia Pacific region.

SolBrew's CSR program, Brewing A Better World focuses on five (5) key areas, Responsibly Consumption, Water efficiency, C02 (reduce), Zero Waste and Community.

It is SolBrew's reduction of their waste to landfill by 80% in less than 12 months, which has been the key component in their win.

"We have a target to have less than 2% of our waste go to landfill by 2020" said SolBrew's Supply Chain Manager Jo Eccleston, "in 2018 in less than 12 months we went from approximately 130,000 kg of our waste going to landfill, to less than 20,000 kg. We did this by diverting our spent grain - an organic product from our brewing - to local pig farmers."

Ms Eccleston said "we were not expecting anything like this, being a small operation amongst big, more advanced and well resource HEINEKEN operations, so we are very proud of this win because it shows what you can achieve if you have a great team, passion and drive"

"While we pause to celebrate this wonderful recognition of our hard work and success,” Ms Eccleston said “we know there is more work to be done both, to maintain what we have achieved so far, as well as continue to raise the bar for ourselves in doing our part to preserve the beautiful country which we have the privilege of living and working in.”

Solomon Breweries Limited has operating in Solomon Islands since 1993 and under the management of HEINEKEN since 2014.

Source: SBL Media Release