Caucus has voted in favour of switching allegiance to China. Of the 33 present 27 voted in favour and 6 abstained.

Sources say cabinet is now in session, and will put the issue to vote tonight. What they decide will become the official government position.

The leaked taskforce report has been described by many as being short on detail and substance.

"For such an important issue the report is a disappointment, there is nothing in it that warrants a switch," one commentator said.

"Not convinced," another said.

A report from CBSI that was also leaked to the public warned that the country is not able to take on more debt. The switch was said to be high risk, mainly from an economic perspective.

It went on to say that fiscal distress created by unsustainable debt will affect basic services, and will be catostrophic for the country.

Taiwan's foreign ministry has also accused the Taskforce of lying in its report, where they claimed that they met with senior government officials in Taiwan.

Taiwan says that certain members of the Taskforce did go to Taiwan but in a different capacity and were part of a different delegation.

Should the government decide to switch than it must articulate it's plans clearly and implement them responsibly.