Expect more water cuts! with the wet season approaching that is essentially the message from Solomon Water.

Illegal logging around the catchment area has been blamed, causing high turbidity when there is rainfall.

Solomon Water says that the interruptions are, understandably, an inconvenience but nevertheless necessary to protect “our water system, pipes and meters from damage, as well as to protect customers pipes and systems and also to ensure water is properly chlorinated to make it safe.”

Water has been restored in most areas, although it may take some time to refill tanks supplying Honiara residents, and also air pockets forming in the system might delay supply in some areas.

Solomon Water has encouraged residents in Honiara to store water when supply is good, particularly with the wet season fast approaching.

Solomon Water is planning big investments in a filtration plant, one that would be able to treat our water, and deal with high levels of turbidity without disrupting the supply of water.

Solomon Water CEO Ian Gooden says the plant will cost around USD$13 Million dollars with the actual tender for the work around September.

Solomon Water says that the primary cause of the high levels of turbidity is illegal logging, something that is beyond their control.

So, the message is clear, and with the wet season approaching, the only remedy is to store water - and prepare for more interruptions.