Ministers who have resigned from the government are required to submit their resignation letters on ministerial letterheads.

Speaking in a nationwide address on the national radio, SIBC, Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, said the demand was conveyed yesterday to the former Deputy Prime Minister, Toswell Kaua.

Mr. Kaua has signed up with the Opposition Group in a bid to oust the Sogavare-led government.

Sir Nathaniel confirmed that he has only received resignation letters from two ministers, Gordon Darcy Lilo and Steve Abana.

The Governor General said he is yet to receive resignation letters from the other ministers, who are required to write the letters on the letterheads of the Ministries they resigned from to make it legal.

Sir Nathaniel said that as Ministers of Her Majesty, they must write on their Ministries' letterhead, which they took their oath to Her Majesty to serve in the Ministries and the government.