Governor General declares that the current power struggle is a political crisis and not a constitutional crisis.

In his address to the nation on the national broadcaster SIBC, Sir Nathaniel Waena said that the current situation is a political crisis that should be sorted out by the politicians.

Sir Nathaniel says that he has requested that the Prime Minister prove that his government still has the numbers by appointing new Ministers, a request which the Prime Minister has said he will sort out by the end of yesterday.

Sir Nathaniel stated that he has also sought legal advice from the Attorney General Julian Moti, the new Solicitor General, Reginald Teutau, as well as the Public Solicitor, Ken Averre, on whether he as the Governor General can summon parliament to sit.

This is following the recent ruling by the Court of Appeal against the former Governor General, Sir Moses Pitakaka's, decision in the Francis Billy Hilly vs. Sir Moses Pitakaka court of appeal, that the Governor General did not have the power to summon Parliament in that case.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the newly formed opposition group, former Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says they are, as the group with the majority, now relying on the Governor General's goodwill to see that a minority government cannot rule and call for Parliament to sit.

Mr. Lilo said the advice they have received from the Governor General so far was that "he will observe the situation in his timeframe as also the timeframe that we have stated in the memorandum and that is, we are giving the Prime Minister seven days from the 10th of November to resign or face a motion of no confidence. That we will further petition the Governor General to invoke his power to call for a special meeting".