RAMSI Assistant Special Coordinator, Mataiasi Lomaloma, has held talks with chiefs, leaders and the community in Manakwai Village, North Malaita.

Mr Lomaloma said his visit was an indication of how seriously RAMSI took the issue that arose after Tongan soldiers were alleged to have assaulted youths from Manakwai.

"I made the visit so that I could personally meet with the community and hear what they wanted to say," Mr Lomaloma said on his return to Honiara.

Mr Lomaloma traveled to Malaita with the Government's Special Envoy on RAMSI, Michael Maina, a research officer from the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Chris Waiwori, and RAMSI's Community Outreach, Chris Tarohimae, on Thursday.

Mr Lomaloma said that he had told the community that RAMSI apologised for whatever had occurred and asked for their forgiveness.

"I was very touched when the community in turn apologised to RAMSI," he said.

"I wanted to tell them face-to-face how sorry we were that this had happened and to ask that they would accept our apology but the community also asked RAMSI to forgive them for the incident too."

Mr Lomaloma said that he had promised the community that he would report back to them on any action taken by RAMSI in relation to the incident.

"We are awaiting the outcome of the military investigation and then I will be reporting back," he said. "We want to keep the community informed as much as possible."