The Minister for Forestry, Environment and Conservation, Mark Roboliu Kemakeza, has reaffirmed his commitment to the Sogavare-led Coalition for Change Government after signing an MOU to join the Opposition group over the weekend.

Mr Kemakeza said he decided to return to the government after realizing that he had been misled by the two sacked ministers, Gordon Darcy Lilo and Steve Abana about the cabinet reshuffle last week and the termination of their ministerial appointments.

He said the explanation given by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for reshuffle of Mr Lilo from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, and the termination of Mr Lilo and Mr Abana during his Press Conference Sunday cleared the confusion over the sackings.

Mr Kemakeza said he had pledged his loyalty to the government after those misconstrues were cleared.

He said he owed an apology to Prime Minister Sogavare, the other members of the Grand Coalition for Change Government and the people of Solomon Islands for giving in to pressures by the Opposition and the government MPs who defected to the group into signing the MOU.