Honiara is on lock down as Members of Parliament convene to select the next Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

There is high visibility by the police, in the streets of Honiara and around the Parliament house. It is understood more than 700 RSIPF officers will provide security at Parliament House and throughout Honiara city during the ‘Operation Prime Minister Election’ for the election of the Prime Minister.

Commissioner of Police Mathew Varley says that there are no specific intelligence to suggest there will be violence, but the role of “the police is to work with the community to really make sure that we carry out those events safely and peacefully. And that has been our focus.”

“As part of the security arrangements your Police will be putting check points on roads leading up to Parliament House. The roads will not be open to general vehicle traffic and will not be allowing large group of cars and taxis heading up to Parliament,” says Commissioner Varley.

“There are parts of the area at Parliament House that will be open to the public but there will be a limit as to how many people can be allowed safely in the zone.

“We do understand that some members of the community would want to go there and listen to the announcement at the steps of Parliament. There will be a special martialing area on the East side of Parliament House where police will be able to control the crowd,” P.C Varley explained.