Good news for youth leaders across Fiji as they will be part of a program that will help instill in them a culture of saving.

This will be delivered to young people across the country through a new partnership between ANZ and Ola Fou where they will be given the opportunity to be part of MoneyMinded and Business Basics which is ANZ’s financial literacy program.

Ola Fou, which means new life, empowers young Pacific leaders to work for positive change in their communities.

ANZ Fiji Country Head, Saud Minam says as part of their initial 3 year partnerships, ANZ will provide Ola Fou with training and accreditation to deliver both MoneyMinded and Business Basics.

He adds that this program have been successful in improving financial literacy and will add value to the great work Ola Fou is already doing in communities in Fiji.

Minam says that around 12,000 people in Fiji have already taken part in MoneyMinded program.

Ola Fou Fiji Chairman, Geoffrey Nainoca says that they are pleased to partner with ANZ to deliver MoneyMinded in the villages and settlements that they support across Fiji.

Nainoca stated that their footprint will extend to Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and PNG, so there is opportunity to grow their partners in the future.