Police in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands are investigating a fatal logging accident involving two men at the Vavale Logging Camp in East Central Guadalcanal over the weekend.

The fatal accident involved a Malaysian national who worked as a bulldozer operator and a local Solomon Islander who worked as a crew at the logging camp.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Guadalcanal Province, Superintendent Nixson Manetoga says, “The local male person is from Toanaboko Village.”

PPC Manetoga explains, “Both men died instantly after they drove close by a log and it slide down a steep hill and hit their bulldozer and killed them.”

Superintendent Manetoga says, “The situation in the area of fatal accident is quiet tense, but police at the Marau Police Station managed to calm down the situation and explained the law to the relatives of the local deceased person and the relatives were satisfied with the cause of death.” 


Source: Royal Solomon Islands Police