A paid service message announcement, broadcasted live on the national radio, called on the Premier of Isabel to step down.

The service message stated that the current Premier, Mr Rueben Dotho, is intentionally undermining all the political and administrative reforms started by the previous administration. The service message went on to say that all the Chiefs are united and determined to 'get rid' of the current Premier.

Premier Rueben Dotho was surprised that such a call had to come through a paid service message announcement. "This person obviously does not understand the legal process of changing governments" Mr Dotho said. "You cannot change governments through a paid service message announcement"

Mr Dotho went on to say that he is upset that the call was made on national radio. "I guess that was their intention, to tarnish my name" Mr Dotho said. "I will not carry out legal actions all I want is a public apology"

A spokesman for the Bughotu House of Chiefs stated that they are baffled with what has been alleged. "We are in no way involved in any conspiracy to topple the current Isabel government"