Representatives from the Australian High Commission in Honiara visited Campbell School in Kirakira recently to see first-hand the school’s brand new science and industrial design classrooms.

The classroom was one of several specialty classrooms built across Solomon Islands with funding support from the Australian Government, in partnership with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and the New Zealand Aid Programme.

Students from forms one to six will use the classrooms to learn the wonders of science and design.

‘It’s so great to know that these smart, curious young students will get the chance to enjoy themselves in the classroom, learning the basics of science and design. Having well-equipped new facilities will make a huge difference to their ability to learn,’ said Melissa Stutsel, Counsellor for Health, Education and Gender Equality at the Australian High Commission in Honiara.

The Australian Government provides budget support to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to support the achievement of results under the National Education Action Plan. Part of this support goes to school infrastructure development.

‘MEHRD has done a great job building new schools and classrooms across the Solomon Islands in the past few years. In 2015 alone, with Australia’s support, they were able to build or repair 225 classrooms and expand access in 130 schools. It’s great to be able to join these passionate teachers in Kirakira to see with our own eyes the positive effects this new infrastructure is going to have for young people in Solomon Islands’ Ms Stutsel said.

The Australian Government last year signed a four year agreement with MEHRD which will see Australia continue its support for basic education in Solomon Islands until 2019.

Press Release: Australian High Commission Office