Mbumburu residents are shocked by news that a man and his partner were found dead in their one bedroom unit by neighbours.

“He was a very quiet man, they both kept to themselves,” said one of their neighbours.

“We did not notice anything strange, until yesterday evening when there was a strong stench from inside their unit, we thought it was just old trash inside the house,” a witness said, still visibly shaken.

“So I went in and knocked at the door, it was locked, I felt uneasy since it became clear to me that it was not old trash, I called one of their relatives and told him something was not right.”

He said when their relative got there he forced the door open, “he walked in and came straight back out, he was in a state of shock, did not say a word.”

He said they called the police who came and closed off the area, both were pronounced dead shortly after.

Police refused to comment on the matter, saying that they will wait for an official report from forensics, “until than we will not comment or speculate,” said one of the officers spoken to.