Solomon Islands Women’s volleyball team is questioning the impartiality of refs at the Oceania Volleyball World Qualifying and Zonal Championship, held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji.

The Solomon Islands Women's team went down to Fiji Blue yesterday despite a strong performance. They had a strong comeback during the second set but eventually lost by three sets 26-24, 24-26, 25-23 and 25-20.

Speaking to Fiji Times Solomon Islands team manager, Norma Wopereis, questioned few decisions made by the officials during the first set of the game which was considered very unfair.

"This is not fair you know, we came all the way from the Solomon Islands to attend this game today (yesterday), this is so unfair," Wopereis said.

She said officials should not be biased.

"Our players are very upset and all I want to say is that next time please do it in a right way because we do not want to come all the way with our hearts and our trust to be officiated unfairly."

They also raised concerns as to why Fijian referees were being allowed to officiate Fiji's games.

Asian Referee Community secretary Dean Turner said in the first set, unfortunately the scorer made an error, but she corrected herself immediately.

"It was 25-24 and the Solomons had made a good serve and were playing and then unfortunately the scorer made the mistake," Turner said.

He said the timing of that mistake was unfortunate, but the rest of the officiating of the match went well.

He explained why some of Fiji's games were officiated by Fijian referees.

"That is because there are five Fijian teams and four or five other teams and it is very difficult refereeing a Fiji game without a Fijian referee because there are five Fiji teams and six Fiji referees," he said.

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