The Secretary to Cabinet, Ruth Liloqula, is calling on the General Secretary of the National Council of Women (NCW), Ella Kauhue to avoid using the media to advance her personal grudges against other women.

She said Kauhue's continuous attack on her only shows her distaste towards women at decision-making levels and in leadership.

Ms Liloqula made the remark in response to Ms Kauhue's second attempt to save face over a meeting she had with the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, last week.

Sir Nathaniel requested Ms Liloqula, Ms Sigimanu and Ms Kauhue to a meeting to clarify and correct constitutional issues that Ms Kauhue earlier raised against the government's intention to review the Facilitation of International Assistance Act (FIAA) that allows RAMSI into the country.

All three women were not informed of the agenda of the meeting until they met with Sir Nathaniel Waena.

Ms Kauhue inaccurately assumed that the meeting was a plot between the Office of the Prime Minister and the Governor General to block her from publicly criticizing the government's planned review of RAMSI.

But Ms Liloqula said her contribution at the meeting was to clarify important issues and to assure Ms Kauhue that she could communicate with Office of the Secretary to Cabinet to find out more about how decisions are made in the Executive Government.

"I as a woman will always have time to clarify any matters concerning the cabinet within my responsibilities once requested by other women," Ms Liloqula said.

Ms Liloqula during the meeting explained how and why the cabinet made decisions and clearly explained to Ms Kauhue the procedures and roles of the Attorney General and the Secretary to Cabinet during cabinet meeting where both women are present.

"Ms Kauhue is making a lot of ill-informed arguments and such attitude poses a lot of risk to misleading the public on issues of national importance."

"Again she needs to trust that people are telling the truth, or at least for this case I have told the truth that the Office of the Prime Minister is not in any way involved in directing this audience with the Governor General. She can be more effective in her anti-government campaign with accurate information," Ms Liloqula said.