With the increasing popularity of the Jadelle contraceptive in the Solomon Islands, an expert has warned that several known side effects should be considered.

Jadelle Implants is a form of a female hormone used to prevent pregnancy and is a long-term (up to 5 years) reversible method of contraception. Randomised clinical trials indicate that for the first 3 years, when pregnancy rates are at or almost zero, no other contraceptive system is more effective.

“This is not meant to discourage the use of Jadelle as it is quite effective, but it is important for women and medical practitioners to know,” says an expert in the area.

He says that adverse reactions, as reported by 10% or more of subjects used during 5 years of clinical trials, includes irregular menstrual bleeding, skin conditions, headache, upper limb neuropathies, dizziness, nervousness, malaise, minor visual disturbances, respiratory conditions, arthropathies, weight change, anxiety and non-clinical depression.

“So as a general rule it is important that women inform their Doctors if they are on Jadelle, and for medical practitioners to take note of such known side effects in their diagnosis.

“Those that should not use such implants include those with suspected pregnancy, women who have severe liver problems, unexplained vaginal bleeding before cause is established, women who have breast cancer or women with a history of breast cancer and those who develop chest pains while using implants.”