The Parliamentary Opposition Group is urging the Honiara City Council (HCC) to address the overcrowding situation at the main market.

The call comes amidst reports received by the Office that the market vendors have moved closer to the main road to sell their produces as a result of overcrowding.

“HCC must be tough on market vendors not to sell produces outside of the market premises and on the roads as it poses dangers to traffic accidents and health hazards,” it said.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office stated that people selling their goods outside of the market should not risk their own lives and they are also doing it outside of the HCC act.

“Apart from safety, dirt on the roads and fumes from moving vehicles are causing health risks,” the Opposition Office added.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office urged the Honiara City Council and the Ministry of Home Affairs to work together and improve the situation at our market.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Office has also called on HCC to take a tougher stand against black-market vendors and illegal sellers at the market.

“Black-markets, illegal selling of kwaso, marijuana and betel-nut should not be sold at the market premises. HCC officers must take a tough stand against these illegal sellers,” it said.

In light of this, the Opposition would like to recommend that HCC improve its other designated market areas so that it could ease the overcrowding vendors at the main market.

Press Release: Office of the Leader of Opposition