Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has revealed that the government is planning to introduce a dual citizenship bill for Solomon Islands early next year.

The Prime Minister revealed his plans in response to questions from the Solomon Islands community in Brisbane last week.

Mr Sogavare said dual citizenship “would enable Solomon Islanders studying and working abroad to participate in national general elections and that would lead to improved quality of leadership in the Solomon Islands parliament.”

A dual citizenship also has the potential to encourage Solomon Islanders to re-invest in their home country, in property development or investment generally. It may also encourage others to return and serve in positions of responsibility, be it in the private sector or the government.

Those familiar with the issue says that it will be an expensive transition for the government, "but weighing it up against potential benefits, it is worth the investment."

"One of the key issues would be monitoring, but with the right systems and personel in place it is managable."