The Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE) has launched the 'Education Experience Survey'.

The survey is a key element of the education watch initiative with help from Papua New Guinea Education Advocacy Network (PENA).

The survey is mainly designed to collect accurate information about educational, language and literacy experience in the village level in selected communities in the country.

Education watch is an initiative 'watchdog' project which is a collaborative effort which intends to monitor government's commitment on education across countries in the Asia-pacific.

It has been implemented in the Solomon Islands in partnership with the coalition on Education Solomon Islands (COESI).

The aim for COESI is to establish a reliable body in order to accurately represent the governments in delivering outcomes for the communities, provide firm bases for community participation in policy advocacy and developments on education.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Ministry of Education Under Secretary, Mr. Donald Malasa, said that while the report is good, the focus is only on two provinces.

"Remember that we have 9 provinces, but the review is focused mainly on two which is Malaita and Honiara so it does not reflect the whole country, and there is a lot areas which the survey needs to improve on," said Mr. Malasa.

He added that the National Education Plan Board has looked into the government's framework which reveals that government has implemented plans that would help curb the country's problem on poor literacy and participations.