The Chief Executive Officer of the Transparency Solomon Islands, Joses Tuhanuku, urged the Commissioner of Police to listen to criticisms and comments from people in Solomon Islands.

Mr. Tuhanuku told the SIBC that if Police Commissioner, Mohammed Jahir Khan, is serious about improving policing in the country, then he should listen to locals' criticisms and work with RAMSI.

Mr. Khan is considering laying charges against Mr. Tuhanuku over claims about rising corruption in the police force.

But Mr. Tuhanuku told the national broadcaster that the Police Commissioner had misunderstood what he said.

The anti-corruption head had earlier stated that it seems the current situation of political instability may encourage corrupt officers not to do their work properly.

Mr. Tuhanuku added that it seems the head of the police force, Mr. Khan, is not willing to work with RAMSI, an attitude which, in turn, could affect the work of police officers.

He told the SIBC that with the help of RAMSI, the police force had not only improved its image but it had re-gained public trust and confidence, and it should remain that way.

Mr. Tuhanuku added that instead of being defensive and angry with critics from people, the Commissioner of Police should prove to Solomon Islanders that he came to help police to look after law and order.

Mr Tuhanuku told the SIBC that the Commissioner is not going to achieve anything by taking him to court.