A major beach clean up along the Honiara shoreline will kick off celebrations to mark this year’s World Environment Day in Solomon Islands.

The Government through the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology will lead the cleanup campaign in collaboration with Environmental NGOs and other key stakeholders on June 3 prior to the main celebrations on June 5.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Seven Billion Dreams-One Planet- Consume with Care”.

The theme is a reminder that despite the ever increasing demand for the extraction of natural resources for economic and social development, it is critical to take note of preventive approaches for the sustainable use of our scarce resources to give our future generations a chance to benefit from the same resources.

Other major events that will also be marked with the World Environment Day are the “World Oceans Day” which falls on June 8 and the “Coral Triangle Day” which falls on June 9.

A statement from the Ministry of Environment says Solomon Islands, like any other countries in the Pacific region share the same atmosphere and ocean with the rest of the world and is home to many unique plants and animal species that exist on the planet earth.

As such, the marine environment is the nursery of the seas, providing spawning grounds and migratory routes for many fish species, including tuna.
“Our land, forests and our pristine rivers provide home to some species of birds and reptiles found nowhere else on the planet. Our rich terrestrial and marine biodiversity provides a vital food security for most people. People’s livelihood depends on the conservation and protection of our natural resources,” the statement says.

The beach clean-up will be conducted along the Mamana Water and Lord Howe Settlement shoreline to promote cleanliness together with the ongoing Mataniko River clean-up campaign.

The Government appeals to the general public to avoid disposing rubbish at undesignated areas within Honiara city polluting the beaches and reefs which affects the marine ecosystem which supplies protein for many families.

After the beach cleanup program, a litter boom will be placed across the river entrance on June 22. The installation of the litter boom is a project by South Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment to support ongoing activities under the Mataniko River Cleanup Project. The purpose of the litter boom is to reduce the amount and sources of marine litter.

Celebrations on June 5 will be filled with activities including environmental speeches, dance and song competition, mascot competition, kids’ corner, movie show, face painting, quiz competitions and many others.

The celebrations provide a significant opportunity to raise awareness on environmental issues to help people contribute positively towards the well-being of our environment.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit