SINUW members of the Solomon Airlines have been promised an increase of wages by 6%, as early as Friday, and a further 6% before December.

The Solomon Islands National Union of Workers, SINUW, met with the Solomon Airlines Management about the issue and both have agreed in principle that 6% will be paid out by the end of this week and the other half before December.

Mr Kagovai said that the union made the announcement in a general meeting this afternoon with the SINUW members in the Airlines. "We have also agreed that management will not be included in the 12% increase because they are on fixed term contracts."

The General Secretary of SINUW, Tony Kagovai, revealed that the signed Collective Agreement between the Union and the Solomon Airline only covers Union members "The 12% wage increase is to be applied to SINUW members only, currently there are only 62 workers who have applied to be members of the SINUW."