Solomon Islands will remain the third largest recipient of Australian aid globally according to the Australian Government 2015-16 Budget, delivered this week.

Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne has confirmed that despite a reduction in Australia’s global aid budget, the budget for Solomon Islands will remain unchanged at A$92.7 million this coming year.

“The Australian Budget delivered last night reaffirms Australia’s commitment to supporting Pacific countries, including Solomon Islands, to achieve economic growth and prosperity,” said High Commissioner Byrne.

“Australia remains committed to working with the Solomon Islands Government to support its policy agenda by prioritising programs that help maintain stability, enable economic growth and enhance human development.”

Australia’s total Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment to Solomon Islands in 2015-16 is expected to be approximately $176.7 million which includes Australia’s support for RAMSI as well as bilateral development assistance and funding through regional and global programs.

Globally, Australia will provide an estimated $4.052 billion in ODA in 2015-16, with more than 90 per cent being delivered in the Indo Pacific region. Australian ODA will be delivered in accordance with the Australian Government’s aid policy released in June 2014 – Australian aid: Promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability.