After five matches played, Marist tops the DJ League standings in goal difference against rivals, Koloale.

Both Marist and Koloale were tied on 12 points. However, Marist edged Koloale in goal differences to secure the top spot in the tight race for the DJ leagues Premier Division.

Hot on their trails are O-League contenders Kossa, sitting at third place with 10 points.

Kossa are without the services of some of their key players, Gideon Omokirio, Takayama, John Morgan, Joe Luwi and James Naka, who have taken up national duties in preparation for the Beach Championship in Brazil.

2006 DJ League winners, Makuru, currently sits at fourth place sharing 10 points each with Kossa only to fall short in the goal difference.

In Division 1, Junior flamingo leads the standings with 13 points ahead of Lau Valley in second place with 9 points. Toba Kingz is currently in third place followed by LS Kuma in fourth place. Las United are struggling in the eleventh position with DMP in the last position.

In Division 2, KG Snails, CDL Lakers and CY Strikers are all in the race for the top spot sharing 9 points each. However, KG Snail edges CDL Lakers and CY Strikers on goal difference.