A landmark assessment, spotlighting the strategic findings from the 2013 Solomon Islands and Cruise Surveys will be the key focus of the discussions between government and industry officials, when they meet in Honiara this week.

The report produced with the assistance of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation was formally handed over Monday to the Government of the Solomon Islands by SPTO Manager Research, Lennox Vuti.

SPTO CEO Ilisoni Vuidreketi said, “The report we believe is a very important document because it will be of use to all, from people who have little understanding of tourism and statistics, right through to those who need to make complex strategic decision regarding planning, marketing, policy making and regulation within the tourism sector,”

He said this handover ceremony marks the completion of the project with the presentation of 150 hard copies of the final report through a seminar involving industry and Government officials. This will involve the handing over of certificates, collection of acquittal report and finally a discussion on conclusion of the survey activities with stakeholder participants.

The seminar will be presided by Minister of Tourism of the Government of Solomon Islands.

This report was made possible with the EU Funded Pacific Regional Tourism Capacity Building Project (PRTCBP).

The aim of the PRTCBP is to improve PACP economic integration through strengthened national systems and institutional frameworks to develop trade capacity, increase private sector competitiveness and increase international market access in the tourism sector.