Orville Richard Burrell famously known as ‘Shaggy’ made a courtesy call to Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet.

Shaggy told the Prime Minister that he was really happy to be in the Solomon Islands.

“I love Solomon Islands people,” he said. Shaggy said he first learnt abut the Solomon Islands through his managers as one of the historical battlefields during the World War.

He said this was his first time to be touring this part of the south pacific describing it as ‘historical’. “I am overwhelmed by the hospitality and friendship of the Solomon people and also the beautiful islands here,” said Shaggy, speaking in Jamaican dialect.

Prime Minister Lilo thanked Shaggy for choosing to tour the Solomon Islands. Mr Lilo described Shaggy as a great musician that has many followers of his music in the Solomon Islands.

“You’re a great musician,” Mr Lilo said. The Prime Minister also enlightened Shaggy briefly of some of the historical background of the Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Lilo also presented a shell-money necklace to Shaggy as a token of appreciation. “The shell-money is hand made from shells and it is a gift that will always remind you of the Solomon Islands,” Mr Lilo said.

Shaggy staged an electrifying performance for hundreds of Solomon Islanders on Sunday night at the Heritage Park Hotel, lasting more than an hour. 

The Jamaican Grammy-award artist has left for Port Moresby this morning.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit