Solomon Breweries Limited’s contestant for this year’s Miss Solomon Crown, 23 year old Parnillar Teika is taking up the challenge to raise money for a new dormitory for San Isidro, a care centre for young people with disabilities.

When asked why she chose San Isidro she explained that it was a personal, “I have a younger brother who is handicapped and currently on a waitlist for San Isidro because accommodation is limited, that’s why I’ve chose San Isidro as my charity.”

Miss SolBrew explained because of her family’s experience with her brother she has a passion for children and young people living with disabilities and had also had a desire to help.

“To me these kids are capable all they need is our support and they can lead useful lives, in joining the Miss Solomon pageant and being made Miss SolBrew I suddenly have this incredible opportunity to really be able to help San Isidro.”

General Manager Andy Hewson in confirming Parnillar Teika as Miss SolBrew said, “Parnillar was the most obvious choice for Solbrew she represents what it is about the Miss Solomons Pageant that we support, aspiring young Solomon Islands women with a drive and passion to achieve.”

Hewson said “As I have expressed time again the pageant is not just a beauty contest. It presents an opportunity for the young women of the Solomons to stand up and be proud of their academic and community achievements. The pageant also highlights these high-achieving young women as role models and cultural ambassadors for other young women”.

Solomon Breweries Ltd a gold sponsor in the 2013 Miss Solomon and Miss South Pacific came on board last year as Platinum Sponsor to help resurrect the pageant in Solomon Islands and to highlight important issues surrounding gender equity and women’s rights.


Press Release: Solbrew Media