A female candidate has won the provincial seat for Ward 10 Irigila, North Vella la Vella in the Western Provincial Elections held on Monday.

She is Jane Tozaka, wife of the Member of Parliament for North Vella La Vella, Milner Tozaka.

Radio Hapi Lagun's Sina Adrian reports Mrs Tozaka replaces veteran politician Richard Morgan Tekefono.

Mrs Tozaka is an experienced former public servant who had served in the public service for a long time. She was the only female elected in the provincial elections both for Western and Choiseul elections on Monday.

“We are pleased that Mrs. Tozaka has won, she is a person of integrity and credibility, we wish her well in her new role,” the National Council of Women (NCW) said in a statement.

With other provincial elections due to be held early next year, the NCW says other women have indicated strong interest in contesting.