Guadalcanal Premier, Joash Salani, has refuted statements made recently by the Province's former deputy Premier, Stephen Panga.

Panga alleged that the current Guadalcanal government was involved in the selling of the Lungga land, formally owned by RIPEL. Panga also warned of future unrest should the selling and development of Lungga be allowed to continue.

However, Mr Salani says that the issues raised by Mr Panga were "misleading and detrimental to peace on Guadalcanal in saying that the province has the power to sell land at Lungga."

Salani stated that while claims by indigenous Guadalcanal people on Lungga land may be true culturally, legally, the fixed term title is owned by the Commissioner of Lands whilst RIPEL has the perpetual estate title.

He says as Premier he is worried because Mr Panga is trying to mislead the people of Guadalcanal.

Mr Salani denies the accusation that his government is turning a blind eye on the wishes of descendants of the original owners of Lungga land, to have the perpetual title returned to them.