A Fiji Corrections Service delegation is currently visiting the Solomon Islands to view how its Solomon Islands counterpart administers its correctional facilities.

The team, led by Lieutenant Colonel Ifereimi Vasu, will visit Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI) facilities such as the Rove Central Correctional Centre, and will also view rehabilitation programs provided to inmates, a statement from the Fiji Corrections Service said.

This follows a visit by a CSSI delegation to Fiji last month.

Lt-Col Vasu said the two islands hoped to learn a lot from each other in the area of corrections and find ways to jointly improve their services.

"We will be visiting with an open mind and try and assist in areas of need by advising our friends here and through the exchange of experiences and ideas," he said.

Solomon Islands commissioner for Correctional Services Francis Haisoma praised Fiji's Yellow Ribbon program.

"It is proving to be very successful in Fiji and I am keen to see such a program operating in the Solomon Islands," Mr Haisoma told the Solomon Star newspaper.

"It has the potential to divert a lot of would-be offenders away from anti-social behaviour and crime."


Source: http://www.fijitimes.com/