Fijian police officers who returned from the Solomon Islands after conducting community policing outreach programs there were told to make an impact at home now.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua gave the message to the 40-odd member police contingent.

The contingent was part of the Fiji Government delegation to the Solomon Islands Independence Day celebration last week.

While in the Solomon Islands, the Fijian police officers conducted community policing outreach programs.

Led by the chief of staff Assistant Commissioner of Police Biu Matavou, the team conducted 10 three-hour community policing outreach programs in one week.

A police statement said while they were initially earmarked to conduct one session, the contingent asked their counterparts to hold more sessions in joint partnership with the Fiji Military Forces.

"On behalf of the organisation, we welcome you back and congratulate all of you on a successful mission that has left a lasting impression with not only our Solomon Islands counterparts but the community at large," said Brig-Gen Naivalurua while welcoming the officers.

"You have proven that the Fiji Police Force is a professional organisation through our commitment to not only serve and look after our home but extend our services to the regional and international front.

"It's pleasing to hear that we have made an impact and achieved our intended mission and you've come back with more knowledge of regional issues but now, you must also make a similar impact here at home.

"The mission in Solomon Islands has finished and now your next mission, whether you are a corporal or sergeant, in whichever division you're from, is to give back to your station, post or division.

"That's always been missing and you have to change that because the giving back component of any mission is a vital area that we must improve."

Brig-Gen Naivalurua said those sent on missions or for courses had a duty to return and share their knowledge with their colleagues.

"We have proven that we can conduct our work with pride, honour and honesty in the regional arena and that must continue when you go back to your posts. Don't take this opportunity for granted as collectively, you now have a wealth of knowledge that must be put to good use for the benefit of the organisation and you must work towards improving the standard of our services."

He told the police officers to thank their wives and husbands when they go back home because without their support, the mission would not have been a success.

"Their support in looking after your family and children while you were away is an integral support system to a successful mission."