A Solomon Islands cabinet minister says there is entrenched corruption in government ministries and a new controversial law is all part of fixing the problem.

Connelly Sandakabatu, the Minister for Development Planning and Aid Coordination, says the new Constituency Development Funds Act is the best way to channel aid money to citizens.

He says he has been able to help over 80 farmers after receiving funds directly to his office, rather than seeking them from the agriculture ministry.

Transparency Solomon Islands has criticised the law, saying it will give rise to further corruption, but Mr Sandakabatu says it’s a better option than seeing the money swallowed by corrupt government departments.

When asked about a clean up of the Ministries and its beauracracy where the money disappears, Hon. Sandakabatu stated that this has been an issue that has been there for donkey’s years.

"There is the financial review and all this, and we are not sitting on our back and watching. And I’d like to invite Transparency International to come and visit my constituency as well, if they so wish.” 

Source: http://www.rnzi.com