The Guadalcanal State Constitutional Committee (GSCC) has announced that it will commence its consultations throughout the province as of June this year.

“This is part of Guadalcanal’s process in the formulation of its own state constitution in light of the draft federal constitution which is currently being carried out by the constitutional review unit under the Prime Minister's Office,” the committee said in a statement.

Chairman of the committee Hon. Lazarus Rinah says his committee aims to hold wide consultation throughout the province to ensure that “every Guadalcanal people have the opportunity to share their views and concerns.”

“The consultations with prominent leaders of Guadalcanal will be held at Kuma, Makaruka School, and Makina during the month of June whilst other public consultation will follow suit,” said Hon. Rinah.

Meanwhile the GSCC chairman is calling on all Guadalcanal leaders, men and women, together with youths to support the work of GSCC.

This committee was appointed by the Premier of Guadalcanal early this year.

Those involved in the work of the GSCC say that a starting point for Guadalcanal is one that “transfers more powers to the State, allowing us to maintain our own political identities.”

Mr. Govinda Rao, Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Change in Bangalore, India, says that an approach that builds equity concerns into its system of government is always preferable to one in which ad hoc arrangements are made, or agreed to.

“The success of any federal style system of government will depend largely on how such a system will build on the existing endowments of basic human capital, public physical infrastructure, and public institutions.”