The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon. Alfred Ghiro has hailed the recently concluded Forum Fisheries Committee 85 Meeting in Honiara, describing it as “constructive and collaborative”.

Speaking at a dinner to farewell participants on Friday, Minister Ghiro said he was encouraged to see that the meeting ended successfully and that deliberations on important issues relating to the FFA and its members and their resources are well covered.

“I have come to learn that you have considered and made very important decisions on key issues that will ensure FFA continues to operate effectively and efficiently,” he said.

Minister Ghiro added that the meeting has considered very important issues relating to the proper management of the regions valuable tuna resources to ensure sustainability and increased benefits for FFA member countries.

“It was very encouraging to see deliberations during the meeting were conducted constructively and collaboratively,” Minister Ghiro said.

He thanked all member countries who have attended the meeting and hoped that what has been discussed and decisions made will benefit all FFA member countries.


Press Release, GCU