Solomon Islands former Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, says the Solomon Islands is satisfied that Fiji is on the right track to democracy.

Mr Sogavare, who is part of the MSG Eminent Persons Group, and who was recently in Fiji for talks with the military installed Government, said while the issue of Fiji's return to democracy was not in the terms of reference of the EPG — he was able to comment on it.

"For the Solomon Islands for example, we are satisfied that the government has done everything," he said.

"We appreciate that the constitution has to be completed and that's very important, you need to have a constitution that includes the views of the people and the government has done that."

Mr Sogavare also praised the government's efforts to formulate a new draft constitution adding that they expected the document to reflect the views of the people.

"It has gone out of its way to hold comprehensive consultations with the people and that's very important because the constitution is the supreme law of the country and it must have the views of the people.

"Our understanding from our discussions with the attorney-general that has been completed and the new draft will be put in place."


With Fiji Times