The controversial dolphin trade has resumed with at least 28 dolphins bound for Dubai in the Middle East.

Amidst high security, two Emirates cargo airliners are currently at the domestic runway at the Henderson Airport in Honiara making final preparations for the flight to Dubai.

A private security firm is currently manning the airport providing tight security, disallowing journalists to enter the terminal or to take photos.

The first lot of dolphins is expected to leave the Henderson airport later on this afternoon.

The Earth Island Institutes representative in the Solomon Islands, Lawrence Makili, was unsuccessful in his attempt to get a court injunction to stop the flight.

A visibly disappointed Lawrence Makili said that the "issue is the fact that there are no scientific findings to determine the stock of dolphins in our waters."

Makili said that the fact that there are no scientific findings to determine the number of dolphins in our waters means that "there is a possible breach on the principles of the convention set forth by ICUN."

"We must not turn a blind eye on this issue because not only will it affect the lives of dolphins but also our tuna industry, which may face a possible ban from the international community" said Makili. "Loss of employment will be a disaster."