Our Telekom has announced that the 2007 Rugby World Cup Grand Final between England and South Africa will be screened live on television on Sunday 21st October 2007 at 6am.

The live telecast was made possible by Our Telekom with the generous support of Bank South Pacific (BSP), South Pacific Oil Limited (SPOL) and the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (NPF).

NPF Manager Investment, Mike Wate, said, "NPF is proud to co-sponsor the RWC grand final with these two companies that it has major investments in."

Our Telekom thanked the General Manager of the Bank South Pacific, Mark Corcoran, and the Manager Investment of NPF, Mike Wate, along with the Administration Manager of SPOL, William Watepuru.

The various companies presented the cheques on behalf of their organisations for the sponsorship at the Telekom House in Point Cruz.