Health authorities in Solomon Islands have declared a state of emergency this week as dengue fever cases continue to rise drastically.

A doctor at the National Referral Hospital said the dengue fever outbreak has stretched the resources of the National Referral Hospital.

“It is getting really tense here,” the doctor said.

He said the declaration was made in light of the mounting stress which stretched the hospital’s manpower and resources.

“So far, there was one death from dengue fever, but there are more patients who developed relentless symptoms of the fever such as declining blood strength.

“The hospital’s outpatient is being stretched.”

He said during the declaration, authorities agreed that no doctors and top health officials must travel overseas.

“They are asked to remain in the country to deal with the emergency.

“A plan is being set to divide the city into zones to help deal with the issue.

“A major clean-up is scheduled that all Honiara residents should come out in force to take part in.”

Permanent Secretary Dr Lester Ross initially said the major cleanup campaign was scheduled for 20 March.

The current number of those detected with dengue fever stands at 170 but the number was said to be increasing.

Acedes Aegypti (female mosquito) that carries and transfers the dengue virus, breed in stagnant waters, especially in rubbish dumps, cans and coconut shells.

The mosquito often bites from 6:00am to 6:00pm and normally stays indoors.

The infection can be acquired through a single mosquito bite.