Two Solomon Islands Government sponsored students at the University of the South Pacific have been arrested on Sunday 10th March 2013, and are currently held in custody over the stabbing of a Fijian youth with a beer bottle.

The incident had forced the Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Fiji, H.E. Patterson Oti promising to deal with the matter seriously.

It occurred just a week after Mr Oti had an audience with all SIG funded students at USP on 3rd March explaining to them the purpose of their scholarship awards, and as guests of the Government and People of Fiji, students must respect the laws of the host country.

The High Commissioner and the mission staff also convened a similar meeting with Solomon Islands Students at the Fiji National University on 10th March, 2013.

The High Commission office was informed of the incident by the Fiji Police yesterday.

However, since it is a criminal case, both students are now under criminal investigation by the Fiji Police Force.

The High Commission is currently in touch with relevant authorities in Solomon Islands to discuss the matter further.

The number of students studying in Fiji this year has increased immensely and the mission has taken time to meet with students to talk on the importance of respecting the conditions for their scholarship awards and not to involve with incidents that could amount to tarnishing the image of Solomon Islands in Fiji and the region.

Press Release, Government Communications Unit