The Solomon Islands Government is inviting New Zealand Businesses to consider investing in Solomon Islands in view of the country’s huge investment opportunities and ongoing improvement in the law and order situation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Honorable Clay Forau Soalaoi made the invitation when addressing the New Zealand-Pacific Business Council meeting in Auckland last Friday.

Mr Forau told the Council that the country has lots to offer in terms of investments in the areas of fisheries, agriculture and commercial farming, tourism, mining and other sectors and that they should consider investing in Solomon Islands.

He added that law and order has stabilized and that the country has once again enjoyed peace and stability.

He further stated that the Government sees foreign investment as important for the country's economic development and therefore welcome potential New Zealand businesses to consider investing in Solomon Islands, and at the same time, consider partnering in joint venture schemes with local businesses in the country.

“Our investment policies have been revised and streamlined to ensure that applications for investment can be processed quickly and attended to without much delay. This is to ensure that the investors are assisted along the process to ensure their applications are facilitated without much delay,” Minister Forau said.

President of the New Zealand Pacific Business Council, Mr Chris Freer, thanked Minister Forau for the address and stated that his Council looks forward to working closely with the Solomon Islands Government in forging closer trade and investment links.

The Business Forum was organized by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade along with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the New Zealand Pacific Business Council.

The Business Forum luncheon was attended by over twenty top New Zealand Companies and Executives.

Foreign Minister Forau, accompanied by the Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Mr Bernard Bata'anisia, is currently in Auckland winding up their official visit to New Zealand.

Foreign Minister Forau has been holding high level meetings with New Zealand Government Leaders and senior officials in Queenstown, Nelson, Wellington, Napier and Auckland.

He is return back to the country later in the week.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit